“Passion-Batons, the Pathway to Development”

I am so happy and proud to announce the 4th Ghana Teaching Artists and Artistes Conference (GHATAAC IV) which is going to take off in December 16th — 18th, 2022.

Mr. Patrick Doe Adaletey, the Communications Director of ITAC Ghana Collective, fetched us a good feedback from our Event Producer and team; positive about securing a serene and magical venue for this 3-Day passion-baked experience. He assured that Volta region will host this great conference considering the rich culture, weather and the hospitable and fun-loving people.

Ghana is the first country to establish an ITAC Hub - ITAC Ghana Collective (unofficial), purposely to weigh its initiatives on a pilot base and to mirror ITAC’s Conference.


Also moved on as the first country to organise a local Teaching Artist Conference with an international partnership all through the morale support of Eric Booth, Madeleiene McGirk and other Volunteers from ITAC (Video link of Madeleiene’s address)


GHATAAC I was inspired by ITAC 4 and became a yearly artrich experience.


ITAC GHANA continues to project this movement and needs the support from local and international organisations and donors.

To sponsor, support, partner, donate or to register for online or in-person participation, reach us via itacghana@gmail.com/ WhatsApp +233244499049

Teaching Artists/Artistes who want to facilitate a workshop can also contact us for details.

Our Loyal Donors: Ben’s Kitchen, AliwittKichen

Partners: ProEye Studios, 3SquareGlobal, Adalt Media Consult

“Until we appreciate our differences, sieve and draw from them, and deliberately uphold mentorship, development will only be a mere text stored in the dictionary”, Atsu Adaletey, Country Director, ITAC Ghana / ITAC Catalyst.



A creative thinker, versatile artiste and talent coach

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