So..., I have invested many hours and days in observing some life threatening patterns that dominantly rule many lives. Sadly, many have been and are still tortured but have not made time to realise how deep this is sinking them.

The fast-food syndrome is seriously crushing many lives. The world is at speed and one hardly finds balance.

Millions are daily knocked down by stress from different angles. Mental Health isn't addressed with priority because it's not a selling point for showbiz/glamour.

Over the years, professionally, with over 20 years journey through the arts space, I have experienced the healing power of the arts. The arts is not only applauding itself for its aesthetics and celebration of diversity and passion, but also provides space for healing and building.

The International Teaching Artist Collaborative (ITAC) selected me and other Teaching Artists from the world as ITAC INNOVATORS for 2021-2022. I have been quietly and thoroughly working in communities; using the ARTS FOR COMMUNITY HEALING AND BUILDING.

Soon, I will submit my report to ITAC which is packed with breath-taking discoveries captured especially from intimate viewpoints (private encounters that can't be published yet).

When I arrived at Oslo, Norway for the 6th International Teaching Artist Conference (ITAC 6), I siezed the opportunity to privately engage few people in Arts Therapy and the result was wonderful.

Back here, I am zooming in to mirror that experience with few people. This is the first time going to make public an Arts Therapy Session. To avoid the crowd, I am deliberately sending this post now and very positive that I am.going to have a great session with the participants.

My first session is with students from Switch Model Management (6:00pm - 8:30pm) and open to public at 10:00pm - 3:00am)

The findings from tonight's experience, I believe will be worth noting but more, will heal and build many minds.

Can't wait!!!


Artwork by the Ingeniius
Johannes Laryea



A creative thinker, versatile artiste and talent coach

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