Atsu Adaletey Unites Ghanaian and International Artistes for CREEPING TOUCH — A Virtual Dance Project Infused with other Art forms

Covid-19 appears to enjoy its popularity; becoming the evil news invading countries and sweeping off innocent lives.

To an extent, it has boldly and arrogantly exalted itself — a Goliath reborn. Fear, panic, lock down, quarantine and more, has become its key achievements. A resume that continues to open it to many job opportunities across the world.

But just like David, many times ignored — not given a priority seat, the arts has stood and continue to stand firm and fearless because of its adaptability.

The appearance of this evil did not just appeared in a glimpse, no! It proactively, carefully and with focus kept creeping (since only God knows when) and has been cruelly touching lives.

As artistes, from all corners of the world, the International Teaching Artist Collaborative (Ghana Wing) has called us out to selflessly use our creatives to also creep from space to spaces, touch one another with love under the umbrella of unity in diversity and to defeat this global enemy.

As a Catalyst of the International Teaching Artist Collaborative, I must again establish here that I am so so fulfilled and proud of all International Artistes who have pledged to join our Ghanaian artistes to produce this global arts project. We keep receiving amazing submissions from Turkey, Bangladesh, Kenya, Rwanda, U.S.A., Nigeria, Liberia, and many more responses.

Arts is life and when life is threatened, the arts quickly responds because it’s our immunity.

We welcome any support in any form to push this project to its expected destination. It’s surely going to be a celebration of cultures; a painting not for sale but for a therapeutic purpose.

Thanks to the ITAC Leadership Committee, ITAC Catalysts, ITAC Fam, Eric Booth, Any Kirkland, Madeleine McGirk and Artistes around the world.

Keep following us for updates on pre-production events and other exciting publications here on this platform and other platforms (yet to be announced).

May I use this opportunity to show my thankfulness to the sleepless design-bee for all our post designs. The Ingenious Johaness Laryea. Proud of you.

For enquires, contact Atsu Adaletey via
+233244499049 (Mobile)
+233276333937 (WhatsApp)

We open for creative submissions in any art form

Music I Poetry/Spoken Word I Dance I Mime I any Creative work in audio, video, pdf, and any). Videos should not exceed 5 minutes.



Arts In Education

MEET ITAC LEAVES (Tap the link below)

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