ATSU ADALETEY’S PASSION STORY: Knowing Your Composition and Position (ITAC 6 PERSPECTIVE).

Today, looking back, I feel so thankful to God and fulfilled (Video link below captures highlights of my journey).

Having understood my composition (what I am made of) and position (space to occupy), I bodly broke away from systems and PERSONALISED MY EDUCATIO. Storms threatened me through the journey and many voices, ignorant of my true identity and mission, secretly and openly ridiculed me. Amidst all these and many more, I realised how blessed I am; I have what it takes to easily adapt to all situations.

In 2018, my mentor, James Gibbs, a veteran author and dramatist generously informed me of the 4th International Teaching Artist Conference (ITAC 4, New York - USA) organised by the International Teaching Artist Collaborative. I applied and extremely happy, I was selected as a fully funded Delegate. Sadly, I was denied VISA, twice - back to back! That suicidal blow did tattooed trauma on my heart.

My wife, Antonia Larde, her sister, Miss Christabel Adjoa Issifu, my brothers, Paul and Patrick Adaletey together with parents Mr. Michael K. Adaletey and Mrs. Alice Awittor Adaletey became my trusted therapists so quickly, I moved on with life.

Mawuena Yevoo, a tough brain with speciality in web design and an industrious entrepreneur, has been wholly supportive through my journey and has bonded selflessly.

Mr.. Elijah Kelvin Addo is a social worker, chaplain, and reverend minister. He is the C.E.O. of Whitefield Zoe Foundation and has been very supportive in the mission of ITAC Ghana Collective. As the Outreach Director, his ideas and management skills lead us to reach out to orphans and people with special needs. Elijah and I share a common vision and have been committed to building communities through our joint effort.


Inspired by ITAC4, I wanted to pilot ITAC’s initiatives/projects in Ghana so in 2018, I quietly took off by engaging few Artistes and Teaching Artists.

In March 2019, I launched ITAC Ghana Collective.

Same year in December, I organised the 1st Ghana Teaching Artists and Artistes Conference (GHATAAC I).

GHATAAC II and GHATAAC III were very challenging but worth it.

In 2020, I was hoping that ITAC 5, Seoul in South Korea was going to bury the bitter memories of ITAC 4’s VISA experience but it made it worse; the whole event was held online via zoom due to COVID-19. All the same, I got assigned to a leadership role as a Collective Room Leader and I had the opportunity to network with many other TAs across the globe.

In 2022, I strongly believed that I will finally experience this worthy conference but my VISA got delayed and got complicated with some strange encounters.

This time around, despite the odds; receiving my VISA a day before my departure, I knew that I was surely not going to miss ITAC 6, Oslo.

ITAC6—the Sixth International Teaching Artist Conference—brought together over two hundred teaching artists from 36 countries at a gathering in Oslo, Norway. During 60 in-person working sessions and many activities offered both in person and online.

“At the conference, we were inspired by examples of programs and projects—in Scotland, Singapore, Korea, Israel, and Ghana” — As applauded by Eric Booth in his review.

Other countries also proudly represented creating a diverse setting.

ITAC 6 was colourful and provided space for healing, networking, professional development and the celebration of ingenuity and diversity.

I had the opportunity to facilitate my workshop on ARTS INTEGRATION "Sheets and Inks". It was a humbling experience (Link to short video below)

I also featured in an international Climate Change Project conceived by a renowned Director, Simon Sharkey with support from other partners.

It was good to climax it all with a dance!!!

ITAC 6 opened me up to deeply appreciate what I do and have been motivated to do more.

Special thanks to Topas Fashion for donating the beautifully designed jackets, beads, necklaces, shirts and other arresting outfits for some delegates of ITAC 6. Topaz Fashion is a reputable brand in Ghana and making waves internationally. Highly endorsed for exclusive and speedy delivery. -PASCAL TOMETEY (CEO)-


This year, the 4th Ghana Teaching Artists and Artistes Conference (GHATAAC IV) looks very promising with the expectation/partnership of some international Teaching Artists.

Proposed Venue: All road leads to Keta, Volta region.

For details about this adventurous conference, get in touch via



A creative thinker, versatile artiste and talent coach

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