“YOLKLESS EGG” begun its pen-journey in the year 2002 and was tested at the main auditorium of Bible Chapel International (La, Accra) on Friday, 3rd October, 2014, played before Ghanaian and Nigerian veteran actors, staff and students of Odogonno Senior High School on the 3rd of December, 2014, moved to the Holy Apostolic Reformed Church, La on the 23rd of December, 2014, and had its Veteran-Test production on Sunday, 8th November, 2015 at the W.E.B. Du Bois Centre. It has attracted international and local veterans and renowned personalities.

YOLKLESS EGG, a confrontational piece, in its quest to register its global presence, has dehydrated lots and lots of pens and dried up many sheets. This year, it has been strategically designed to begin its nationwide tour from November in one of the highly reputable universities in Ghana (UCC).

Written and directed by Atsu Adaletey (Founder and Creative Director of Dzolali Theatre House), the play has won endorsement from highly reputable personalities from Ghana and abroad.


I celebrate the arrival of Yolkless Egg. Along the ‘painful road’ that has led to its live performance, there have been many trials and tribulations. In overcoming these, Atsu Adaletey has joined a procession, or a queue made up of remarkable Ghanaians who have been both makers and writers of plays.

I think we should salute the arrival of Yolkless Egg. Atsu Adaletey is a welcome addition to the ranks of Ghanaian men and women of the theatre who have managed to get the dramas they have fashioned into print and live performance. When his achievements in terms of productions and writing for the theatre come to be assessed, Adaletey’s combination of creativity and determination — the twin engines that have powered his theatre work, will have to be appropriately acknowledged. He is transparently both a maker and a writer.

I want to emphasize that Yolkless Egg has already been ‘wrought’. It has been brought to full and vigorous life through performance; it must be experienced. Yolkless Egg has travelled the ‘painful road to and with a resounding ‘Ayekoo!’ I salute this engaging plays written by a Ghanaian. You can enjoy it.

James Gibbs, Bristol, February- March 2018

“Interesting, Engaging, Highly Didactic and full of Surprises. The number of years invested in this work has been worth it. I highly recommend YOLKLESS EGG for all, especially schools.

Dr. Mrs. Shine Ofori 3rd December, 2014-

“Wonderful play! It brought me back to those days when the stage was it! It is an awakening call! I’m so impressed with the content of the play. This will go places.”

Emmanuel France, Nigerian Nollywood and International Actor.

  • 3rd December 2014-

This is a masterpiece. I am very proud and strongly

believe that this will go far. Kwame Gadago, Veteran Actor.

It’s a mind-blowing and a must-watch production;

Bringing the spirit of the stage back.

Henry Adu-Amoyaw, Production Manager / Film Maker

  • 3rd December 2014-
Atsu Adaletey, Writer & Director

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