DISCOVERY JOURNEY WITH JEFF MATHER — Wednesday 20th October, 12 noon — 2pm (NY, USA time)


I can be so exhausted and so cold but his words of inspiration all the way from his desk breaking borders to mine does push me on.

His presence and work are enough to always fuel me on. I see him as a senior colleague but that he refuses to accept and always reminds me that we are colleagues.

Dear friends, come Wednesday, 20th October, 12 noon — 2pm (NY, USA time), I humbly call on you to join us again as we join Jeff Mather as he takes us on an adventure;Empowering Teaching Artists to become leaders in creating cross-disciplinary STEAM partnerships (next ITAC Think Tank)

He will surely fly us on a deeper and fun flight.

I know that this session has been published but this is

my personal and humble appeal.

See you on the 20th!!!

Thanks for the time.





A creative thinker, versatile artiste and talent coach

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