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As a Catalyst of the International Teaching Artist Collaborative (ITAC), my mission; empowering TAs and Artistes to positively influence their communities, defend their artistry, inspire conversations and setting wall-breaking pathways for voices has been my pure intent.

With over twenty years of dedication to the field of teaching artistry and by the special grace of GOD, I must confess on this global platform that I have found fulfilment; doing what I love and loving what I do.

Selected in 2018 and fully funded to attend the 4th International Teaching Artist Conference at New York, USA (2018), selected as a Catalyst and assigned with an enviable task as a Collective Room Leader at the 5th International Teaching Artist Collaborative (ITAC 5) held at Seoul, South Korea via zoom, gives me joy and much inspiration to keep keeping on.

The point is, all these didn’t pop up instantly through a magic spell. It has been a rough and tough journey fueled by purpose, focus, discipline, humility and persistence.

Today, I can proudly boast of many great artistes occupying reputable seats in the creative and performing arts. Others also using the fundamental principles to advance careers.

This year, taking off from February 2021, I thought it very urgent to provide frequent professional development workshops for TAs and Artistes.

With my reputation on the global map (in the field of Teaching Artistry), I managed to connect with highly experienced arts educators to assist Ghanaian TAs and artistes.

The year 2020 exposed the world to a giant storm and challenged our thoughts and actions. The arts and artistes were heavily knocked down but having managed to natural adapt, it is important we, TAs and Artistes begin to prioritize Professional Development Workshops. Thrice in a week the workshops have been designed to engage participants with two (2) virtual PD workshops and one (1) post-workshop task and report activity.

Our field has exposed us to chains of threats and that’s why the workshops are a must; to empower you – to make the most of your individual skills for positive impacts.

Below are photographs of some of the participants in GHATAAC I Professional Development Workshop

Participants engaged in the GHATAAC I LEAF FLAG

Since Covid-19 crisis continues to raise it’s ugly head, it is more important than ever that you have the most up-to-date industry knowledge and know-how. The workshop facilitators, made up of TAs from Ghana and our international partners have the expertise to ensure that you gain the best of experience.

The workshops begin this Friday with ITAC Catalyst, Peter Atsu Adaletey.

To register or support, call or email us via +233244499049 / +233276333937



  • Internationally endorsed Certificate of Participation
  • Networking with local and international TAs and Artistes
  • First-hand information on co-creatives and traveling opportunities
  • PDFs for deep reading
  • Free membership with the International Teaching Artist Collaborative (ITAC)
  • And more!!!

Artrich Activities with participants (photographs by Antonia Larde of ProEye Studios):




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