The International Teaching Artist Collaborative has unveiled five commissioned teaching artist climate projects; Peter Atsu Adaletey is one of the TAs (from Ghana).

To help map out plans and manage Peter’s community project (which will gain support from a working group made up of other international TAs), ITAC Ghana successfully found Afoley Shika, a versatile and critical thinker whose experience in Theatre for Development will be challenged. She has already defended this position by assisting Peter organize his desk (which has already been bleeding with multiple tasks/engagements).

In 2019, she participated in a theatre for development project organized for the winneba prisons. The aim of that project was to create the awareness that there is life out there for ex-convicts and that the concept of prison facilities is not that bad as portrayed. They organized workshops for the prisoners and inspired them to think more positive and be ready to take charge of their lives. They also engaged them in entrepreneurial workshops and had a positive impact.

In 2020, together with her team mates (at the University of Education, Winneba — Ghana; during their final year project), they embarked on a theater for development project Dubbed ”Reducing Teenage Pregnancy in Gomoa Adzentem”. Their sole aim was to help reduce teenage pregnancy using drama. They organized workshop and spoke to the girls and boys in the community. They taught the girls how to bake Meatpie, doughnut, chips, cakes and exposed them to many more ways to empower themselves. The aim of this training was to help them have basic training to work with so that they will not be lured by men with money.

In march 2021, Afoley worked as a part time TV presenter, a co-host for GAGSgh. She also hosts events at churches and assists with event management, publicity and invests her time in many activities that builds her up for more daring projects. She is an entrepreneur who is consumed with baking, acting and writing.

Afoley’s flexibility and bravery makes her a perfect team player on ITAC Ghana’s projects. The Country Director of ITAC Ghana, Peter Atsu Adaletey is more confident in Afoley because he has already been satisfied by her input in ITAC Ghana’s Arts Integration Workshop organised for teachers. There is no doubt that she is also going to make a firm impact on the international scene.

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