The International Teaching Artist Collaborative , having invested much resources and guidance to its pilot wing, ITAC Ghana, keeps empowering Teaching Artists to do more beyond the stage and screens.

John Kaledzi is one of the versatile and dedicated Teaching Artists who continues to work with great enthusiasm. As an international model, actor, costumier, props maker and a selfless Teaching Artist, his approach to work in the field of of teaching artistry and in the modeling industry is one that should be highly acknowledged on the global stage.

The Africa Creatives Awards Festival is one that seeks to promote ingenuity, flexibility and dedication. ITAC Ghana hereby encourages all to VOTE for John Kaledzi as he grabs an award. This award is one, we believe, will serve as a motivation for him to keep keeping on.

Congratulations John!!!

Links to John:




A creative thinker, versatile artiste and talent coach

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A creative thinker, versatile artiste and talent coach

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