Lydia Bondah is a community artiste and a youth advocate. She is a product of the University of Education, Winneba-Ghana, She has a rich experience is movement, music, theatre and costuming artistes.

Lydia is a regional coordinator (Central region) for ITAC Ghana and has been consistently engaged in art-rich workshops in schools and communities.

She made a great input in the CONFERENCE OF THE BIRDS project organised by The Necessary Space and Erica May Wood.

Lydia has an unusual approach to the adowa and kete dance and this continues to set her apart, making her a unique brand.

She is very serious when it comes to business and one whose artistic brand keeps exposing her to many projects.

Reach Lydia on +233245082385 or




A creative thinker, versatile artiste and talent coach

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A creative thinker, versatile artiste and talent coach

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